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i first met john as a customer of mine about 35 years ago ,John lost his job and came to me with the longest face i had ever seen on a man .When he told me he had lost his job i asked him what he was making and

when he told me I told him i would pay him that until he could find a better job.That was about 35 years ago and he never found another job. I knew his mother had raised him right because for 35 years he would be sitting in front of the office when i got to work reading the paper and drinking his coffee. in 35 years i could count on my right hand how many times he had missed a day of work

He and i went through some tough times sometime we didn't make enough for me to pay him his full pay check then when times got better i caught it up he never complained he just said"we just got to do what we got to do" and we had some good times,John love nascar so i would rent a camper and we would go to talledega on a regular basis . we traveled together even though he had a fear of flying.i don't know much but the one thing i do know is that it wouldn't have matter when or where i was if i had called on him to come help me there would have never been a word out of his mother other than "ill be there as soon as i can get there" and he knew i would have done it for him

,Friends like that are few and far between.gonna miss john